Where Are They Now

Where Are They Now?

Dynasty Goalkeeping is so much more than becoming a better goalkeeper and succeeding on the soccer field.  Certainly that is a short term goal of ours, to help every student become their best version, but our long term vision is much greater.  At our core we take pride in developing leaders beyond the field, getting our students to expand their scope of self, and empowering them to make a greater impression locally and globally.  That is where our true impact lies.  This blog was developed to highlight our Dynasty alumnae and reconnect you with former students as they make their way in the world.  Personally, I think we have a tremendous family of alumnae and I want to share their journeys with you.  Hopefully their stories will inspire you onto greatness of your own and open you up to possibilities you never previously imagined!

Molly Swiger

I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with 2021 U.S. Naval Academy graduate Molly Swiger. A staff coach of mine informed me that Molly had earned her “wings”, so I tracked her down via LinkedIn to learn more! 

Molly first attended Dynasty in 2016 as a high school junior and then again in 2017 for a Pro Week. After that her summer’s became too busy with Naval Academy summer commitments.

Soccer Career Highlights & Honors

  • 2020-21 Patriot League All-Tournament Team
  • Came off the bench for penalty kick shootout in the 2020-21 Patriot League Championship versus Colgate on April 17 and turned aside two of the Raiders’ first three shots on the way to the Mids’ 4-1 PK victory.
  • Patriot League Academic Honor Roll (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020-21)

Why did you decide to attend the Naval Academy?

The Academy provided a great balance between high level soccer and academics. Graduating from there would afford me a guaranteed job and the ability to find greater purpose in my life. Plus, when I went to visit, I fell in love with the campus and the team. The coaches were great human beings with a wealth of soccer knowledge and experience.

What is your current rank?

My current rank is LTJG (O-2), and I have an 8-year commitment to the Navy which began when I received my wings in February. I really enjoy the flying; it is very special to be able to see the world from such a unique perspective, and it helps that the flying is super dynamic and interesting as well. Helicopters are the best! I get to use both the hand-eye and foot-eye connections that soccer and specifically goalkeeping helped me hone.

What made you decide to go into aviation? 

The majority of my mentors were aviators. I spent each of the summers before my senior year experiencing all of the branches and specialties but decided that aviation was the career I wanted. It gives me the opportunity to travel, meet incredible people, and have a really cool job. I love being in the air, especially flying for sunrise or sunset. Flying helicopters is very dynamic as you are working three axes at once: moving your hands separately, working your feet, and also talking on the radios.

What will you be training to fly?

I just selected the MH-60S “Seahawk”, the Navy’s version of the better-known Black Hawk. Our primary missions are anti-surface warfare, combat support, humanitarian disaster relief, combat search and rescue, aero medical evacuation, SPECWAR, and Airborne Mine Counter Measures. Over the next 6 months I will be learning to fly this helicopter, as well as becoming familiar with the tactical side of aviation. After that, I will be sent to an operational squadron where I will eventually be deployed to support in the mission.

What challenges have you faced as a female in the aviation world?

Being a female in the military is always going to be difficult at times because you are outnumbered by males. It can feel overwhelming and like you have to work harder to compete. However, I have been really fortunate to have been surrounded by countless amazing, strong women so far in my career. Watching and learning from their examples has been really helpful in teaching me how to lead and stand up for myself. And, the number of females, specifically in the helicopter community, is growing at an incredible rate.

How do you feel soccer has prepared you for your current challenges?

Soccer taught me the value of hard work. Nothing worth doing comes easy. The goalkeeper position in particular taught me how much time and effort it takes to develop particular skills, and how rewarding that can be. The same feeling of pride and fire you get from making a great save can come from executing a dynamic maneuver in the air. In addition, it is really important to rely on your teammates in aviation, just like soccer. Whether that is your aircrew or fellow junior officers, you will need to work together to accomplish the mission and get everyone home safely. Finally, I learned a lot about communication, public speaking, and confidence on the soccer field. Those three skills have been invaluable in aviation.

Have you had any opportunities to continue competing since becoming an active member of the military?

I was fortunate to be selected as a part of the All-Armed Forces Soccer team which included representatives from each branch as we competed in the Military World Cup this past year in the Netherlands. We played against teams from all over the world, including Tanzania, Cameroon, Greece, Belgium, and Germany. It was an amazing experience that I did not even know was an option for military members, and one I hope to participate in again!

The team did okay at the tournament. We placed 5th out of 12 and were 4-1-0 overall. It was structured a bit strangely due to the limited number of teams, and we only had 2 weeks of training camp to build chemistry together, compared to other teams who play together year-round. I definitely wasn’t complaining to be able to play soccer instead of study for a month and still get paid! And even more valuable was the networking and stories from meeting all the strong, kick-ass military women!

Favorite memories from your time as a Dynasty student?

Overall, I really benefited the complete focus of Dynasty, including nutrition, strength, conditioning, and mentality. The video feedback was invaluable. I vividly recall one really funny save from when we were working on back to bar. The initial shot came off the crossbar and the ensuing rebound was hit hard right at me from close range. I somehow dropped sideways on it and wrapped around the ball like a baby in fetal position. 🙂 My favorite game though has to be Star Wars that we always played on the first evening.



Molly is one of many in a long line of phenomenal Navy goalkeepers who trained at Dynasty! Our current count is five; KC Gordon, Elizabeth “Bitsy” Hoerner, Taygen Grundy, Dayton Wetherby, and Molly!



I am so impressed by Molly’s courage to fly and her mindset to become a strong female leader in the military!