Kelly Boni

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know just how much this week meant to Marina. As you learned, she is a homebody who is very close to her family. Soccer is the only thing in her life that she feels is the worth the risk to leave her comfort zone. But she has come home so inspired and so confident that I’m just astounded. She was nervous about camp, but prepared to the best of her ability. She worked out as instructed and took many hours on her own in the backyard with the ball. She feels like she did her best and learned so much. She has already said she wants to come back to camp. She attended Crossfit today and has practiced her sit-ups, I believe her goal is to beat you next summer! Thank you so much for inspiring her and providing guidance and encouragement in all areas of her game. This week was so much more than camp – we need a new word for the time you spend with these girls. Somehow the word “camp” seems insufficient. Thank you, again, for everything you did this past week. I’m sure you are exhausted, but know that it served a great purpose. She will never forget this week! 

Kelly BoniAiken, SC