Maggie Breech

I owe you a HUGE thank you from Ellie’s time at camp this summer. Sorry if it sounds cheesy, but I am truly grateful for the people who have such a positive impact on my kids. Thank you for; nurturing her love for the game, developing the perseverance to work and chase her goals and dreams, and most importantly, encouraging Ellie to just keep striving every day to be the best person she can be. The week Ellie spent with you was no doubt one of the best weeks she has ever had. She thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, the intensity and being surrounded by positive strong women. Ellie continues to be inspired and motivated and I know she channels her inner Tracy voice often both on and off the field. Ellie plays for one of the small DA clubs, it is a long drive, but the closest option she has and it’s totally worth it. She is so lucky to have a great coach but there is limited extended staff and it is often up to her to find ways to put in the extra work in goal. This has always been a challenge. You have provided her the tools and guidance to be independent with her training and fitness. I see an enormous change in her confidence which is awesome as she is the youngest by far this year with the U16/17 combined group. The feedback and data you provided was excellent and she immediately started to work to improve her weakest areas and make goals for the upcoming year. You helped light some kind of fire in her!! It’s just cool to watch her continue to grow, put in the work, and have so much fun while doing it.

Maggie BreechMechanicsburg, PA