Ellie Breech

Thank you so much for making a such a huge positive impact on my 2018! One of my favorite memories from last year is when I got to meet you for the first time on that freezing January day. After that training session I knew I was going to be a lifelong student of yours. Dynasty Goalkeeping has helped me made me grow in every aspect of my game and also as a person. I have seen tremendous growth in my technique, dominance off of crosses and definitely my fitness is so much better. I have always been pretty healthy and fit but you have really showed me the importance of fitness and given me the tools to keep improving. You helped me start to figure out and plan so I can make my goals become reality . Most importantly you have helped me gain confidence so I can be the best me possible. I have really fallen in love with Dynasty Goalkeeping and I take so much pride in being a part of it. It was the highlight of my summer and the best end to my fall. I love being able to train with you and be influenced by so many other talented goalkeepers. I really appreciate how you always give very specific advice directly catered towards me. I walked away from camp and every training with so many new tools to help me continue to grow. One year later I also have a whole new group of goalkeeper friends. My team had fitness testing on Thursday and I was the second most fit girl on my team.  I have never been the girl known for my speed but somehow I managed to get the second fastest 40 yard dash!!! This was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Many of the trainers could not believe that the goalie could even hang with the field players, let alone be dominant. It is very annoying that many people still think that goalkeepers being so fit is a crazy idea. Clearly they have not been to Dynasty Goalkeeping Camp!

Ellie BreechPA Classics DA, Mechanicsburg, PA - Committed to University of Pittsburg