Mike & Ellen Lewis

Mike and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you did for Kate last week at camp. This camp did so many things for Kate. It taught her how to be independent, it taught her she can manage without her parents, it taught her that she can hang with the big kids-not just the big kids, but very talented big kids, and it taught her she can push herself farther than she ever imagined. Kate learned so much about being a keeper this week. She learned she really needs to work on her fitness and leg drive, she needs to work on her communication, and she needs to work on her form and focus on those little things she seemed to think weren’t that important. It was great that Kate heard such detailed instruction and she was really encouraged when she made positive changes. Also, your video is amazing. It really helped all of us see some of the little things she needs to change. It also helped us learn some of the things you were focusing on in camp. Additionally, Kate asked us if it was okay to talk to her team’s coach before practice tomorrow. She wants to talk to the team to explain what she is going to say and what that means for them during the game. We loved to see she really wants to take the initiative to keep practicing what you taught her last week. Kate already said she cannot wait for you to see how much she improves over the year.  Thank you so much for everything!

Mike & Ellen LewisKirkwood, MO