Margot and Eric Hoerner

On behalf of Elizabeth (Bitsy) and her Mom and Dad, we want to thank you for a terrific experience at Dynasty!! Bitsy made some great friends and felt that the training and experience was top notch!! She is at the Naval Academy this week playing soccer and is putting to good use her Dynasty Training. Most of all, we want to thank you for the excellent medical attention Bitsy received from your athletic trainer, Meghan. A parent’s worst nightmare is having their child sustain an injury and not being able to be there to help them through it. Meghan was on top of the situation from the beginning, including urging us not to wait until she returned home for medical consultation. As it turned out, she did just have a jammed finger, but having the reassurance from Meghan and the hospital in Raleigh was a big help. We apologize for the VERY late night for Meghan. Please congratulate your staff and thank Meghan for their personal attention, not only in the coaching but in the support of Elizabeth. We very much appreciate it!!

Margot and Eric HoernerLititz, PA