Jeff Wetherby

Dynasty Goalkeeping was in a different stratosphere as far as Dayton was concerned six years ago. I know you have a lot of students and I would be willing to bet that damn near each and every one of them make you proud in one way or another. But, please take an extra minute or two and know that you made this one what she is now. I am a firm believer, in my heart and in my mind that she would have NEVER gotten to this point had it not been for you and your staff. It started six, damn, maybe seven years ago and it is very very close to the best thing we have ever done for Dayton. Not only in her soccer prowess but in becoming a very determined, aggressive, and passionate young lady as well. So, Tracy, please let me (and I know I speak for Dawn as well) take a minute to say THANK YOU! Thanks very much to you and your staff for your professionalism and for taking Daytons’ hand and guiding it.

Jeff WetherbyWesley Chapel, FL