Nancy Ockene

So we tried four different goal keeping camps and by far yours was the best, hands down. In fact it’s embarrassing the quality of coaching at the other camps compared to yours. My daughter got the most out yours of all the other 4 camps in those shorts five days. I have to say when you told me the cost of the camp I was taken aback and to be honest skeptical, but now I realize that the cost really was worth it as the quality of the camp was the best. In a perfect world I’d save up my money and let her do all the sessions but I know she’s not of age nor college caliber yet. Your write up was detailed and I really appreciate it as I can pass it along to her goalkeeping coaches in her team here in Utah. Unfortunately it is a very small community here in Utah and they just don’t have goalkeeping coaches or at least we haven’t found anyone like you here. Wish you could work with your double here as I think you would really bring her game to a whole-new level and you are what we have been looking for since she fell in love with the game particularly the GK position . I’m going to be the first to say that we would love to come back next summer! Bottom line is, I’m so grateful to finally learn what a great goalkeeping camp looks like and how it makes all the other camps like a joke.. Thank you again for providing an outstanding experience for Kate. She truly improved her game and grew so much in just a 5 days.

Nancy OckeneSandy, UT