Kori Briscoe

Summer 2010 — This has been my fifth summer attending Dynasty and it has still held the same level since the first year. The training environment is like no other you’d experience at another camp. Tracy is a great coach and I’ve learned everything I know from her. She has been the greatest influence in my soccer career and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.

Summer 2008 — Three years ago I came to Dynasty Goalkeeping unprepared, barely able to catch, and not really knowing who I was. Tracy helps you with all aspects of the game and other parts of your life. She inspired and motivated me with her positive, truthful, and encouraging coaching mentality. Tracy is my coach, mentor, and friend. She has helped me realize why I play soccer – because of my love for the game. Once you enroll in Dynasty you become part of a family. Tracy will continue to work with you to help you accomplish your goals as long as you are willing to put the same level of commitment into yourself.

Kori BriscoeTriangle Futbol Club, Gibsonville, NC