Dawn Wetherby

I wanted to drop you an email to let you know that I loved the DVD that you provided. It was a pleasure watching my daughter not only having fun but learning so much. You pinpointed aspects of her game that she has been dying to improve. I always say that she wants more data, input, and knowledge. You gave her all of that and also peace of mind to allow herself to work on those parts of her game. Dayton is a lot like her father in that she wants to be perfect every time and allows frustration to cloud her ability. When you said “and relax” at the end of each session it gave her a moment to catch her breath and allowed her to re-focus. Dayton went up there very excited about working out with you and returned more excited about putting what she learned to use. Your teaching techniques are very specific and explained precisely. Your honesty in coaching also goes a long way. You tell Dayton exactly what she should be doing for her age and what the next step is. That helps put the process in a frame that Dayton can tackle and work on. I like your way of working on skills and breaking down each part of the game for the total package.

Dawn WetherbyWesley Chapel, FL