Dynasty Adds Cool New Tool for Summer 2012

sidekickDynasty is proud to announce that this summer we will be challenging our students with a valuable new tool called the SideKick®! It is just another way that Dynasty distinguishes itself from other goalkeeper camps. We want to stretch our students and offer the latest in soccer technology. Similar to baseball pitching machines and tennis ball feeders the SideKick® pumps soccer balls out at keepers. It can replicate driven balls at speeds up to 70 mph, generate backspin, and produce bending balls and dipping balls all at countless angles for close range shot handling, back to the bar trainings, and crosses. It is a great tool that will supplement tradition training in order to create consistent service, challenge goalkeepers hands and reaction speed, and generate LOTS of repetitions. The Dynasty staff and local student who have already used it are super excited about this new addition to their training! It is just another reason why goalkeepers choose to trust Dynasty for their development!

Want to see it in action and learn more? Check out: www.seattlesportsciences.com