Dynasty Goalkeeping partners with SHANTI BAR!

Dynasty Goalkeeping is excited to announce a new partnership for 2017.  As part of our ongoing commitment to developing the WHOLE athlete we have partnered with SHANTI BAR to introduce and provide our students with a superior energy bar!

SHANTI BARs are high protein, nutrient dense, delicious superfood packed, protein and energy bars.  They are 100% USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan, Paleo, and Kosher certified. They were specifically created to be perfect fuel source for all athletes packed with nutrients from high quality raw ingredients. The various superfoods used such as turmeric, cardamom, maca, spirulina, etc provide an array of functional benefits and the bars range from 7g to 17g of plant based protein.

I have eaten a TON of bars over my career as an athlete and now as a coach starting with rubbery PowerBars back in the 90’s.  I can honestly say this is the FIRST bar that has exceeded my very high expectations!

Additionally, I love that the creators and owners of SHANTI BAR , Lauren & Ashanty are two female classically trained chefs and fitness enthusiasts.  They are a women owned and operated company founded in sunny Miami, Florida!  I really can’t get over how they have combined all these fabulous ingredients and intense flavors with countless healing qualities into the perfect texture and taste.  I love that you are able to actually taste and distinguish all the exquisite ingredients.  The result is a flavor of REAL food, not some gooey, gummy, mushed up bar flavor trying to imitate food.  Turmeric and cardamom are typically such intense flavors, but they have managed to carefully balance and craft them to be in such perfect proportions to excite, not overwhelm, your taste buds.  SHANTI BAR is unlike anything else on the market.  It is so nice to finally have found a company that makes a bar of such high quality ingredients that I actually feel like I am nourishing my body versus trying to fool and appease my body with some empty calories until my next real meal.  It is the FIRST bar that truly satisfies my cravings and hunger simply because it actually contains REAL food that is nutrient dense.  An energy bar that ACTUALLY provides ENERGY!  What a novel idea!

I have never felt more strongly about partnering with another organization.  Rarely do I reach out to any organizations regarding partnerships, especially food products.  First and foremost I need to whole heartedly believe in the product personally before promoting it to my athletes and it is rare that I find that product.  In my opinion there is nothing that even comes close to SHANTI BAR on the market.

Ultimately no matter what level of athlete you are or aspire to be if you don’t include proper nutrition into your training equation then you are going to fall short of maximizing your potential.  It is that simple and THAT IMPORTANT.  Eating nutrient dense, raw, clean foods is a CRITICAL piece of the puzzle that sadly many athlete miss, dismiss, or are misinformed.

Don’t fall for the hype or getting sucked in by the false marketing claims and ads.  Do your homework!  SHANTI BAR has got it all right – TASTE FOR YOURSELF!