Podcast with Anna Tuuri of “Keep The Game Beautiful”

At the most recent 2020 United Soccer Coaches Convention I had the pleasure of meeting young goalkeeper Anna Tuuri who has been hosting her own podcast about “The Beautiful Game” since September of 2019.  Not only is she a player, but she is also a referee and coach already at her young age of fourteen!  She has only been playing soccer for three years and is a freshman in high school living in Iowa.  I love her passion for the game and desire to spread positive, inspirational stories about soccer through her podcast interviews.  She has a wide variety of guests on her podcasts featuring players, coaches, and referees so I encourage you to check it out!

Please go to Keep The Game Beautiful to listen to Anna’s podcast with me covering a wide range of topics on goalkeeping and insight about what makes Dynasty Goalkeeping unique.  You can also find Anna on social media @KTGBeautiful