Dynasty Goalkeeping: The Collegiate Advantage

If you trust your talent to Tracy Noonan and Dynasty Goalkeeping, you will be getting much more than a week of intense goalkeeper training. You will get an adviser who will help you with your college search when the time comes.

Quality goalkeepers are in great demand at all levels of college soccer. Coaches do their best to travel the country and recruit players in person, but it is just not possible to see every player. Often times college coaches depend upon referrals from coaches they respect and know within the soccer community. In fact that was how Tracy was found by Anson Dorrance. Anson never saw Tracy play. He got her name from Tony DiCicco (he had coached her at his camps for several summers).

Dynasty Goalkeeping is not a “Recruiting Service”; nevertheless; you will benefit greatly from our background in the collegiate women’s game. We will evaluate your talent and potential throughout the week and on that basis we will be able to suggest schools that would be a good fit for you.

You use our expertise to advise you The goal is to find the school that will push you but not be impossible to break into the lineup. On the other hand, we would not want you attending a school that provided you no challenge. But the athletic side of the equation is not the real reason we attend college. You must seriously weight your academic concerns goals and dreams and have those fit as closely as to those in soccer.

It is imperative that you have someone to talk to who is unbiased and realistic with you and who can with were you fit in the collegiate hierarchy.

Our network with coaches nationally will give you some very specific ideas on where you might fit in best athletically and academically.

The college search process is scary and intimidating. We hope to help you navigate these waters and make the recruiting process as educational and stress free as possible.