The Value of Dynasty Goalkeeping – by Megan Kinneman

Why did you choose Dynasty?

M. Kinneman
I met Tracy at an ODP Interregional event during my freshman year of high school. Shortly after the event, I received an invitation to camp. I immediately remembered Tracy’s energy and feedback from the short session consisting of an awesome game of “Perfection” crosses. Growing up, I didn’t attend many camps, but after exploring the Dynasty GK website, I realized that this was a unique camp I could not miss out on. I liked the idea of it being a smaller group of driven, elite goalkeepers led by someone with such a high level of knowledge, experience and passion for the goalkeeper position.

Why did you return every summer?

I returned to camp every summer because I loved the competitive environment. Dynasty was a way for me to consistently evaluate my game from year to year. I could see where I stood next to some of the best goalkeepers in the nation while training in camp, but more importantly I could see how I improved on my strengths and weaknesses from the previous year. The feedback received from Tracy and her staff coaches is incredibly detailed both on the field and in the video/written evaluations. I always felt that I left camp a better player and with a plan to improve over the course of the year.

Ping basket How did Dynasty help you as a youth player and in college?

As a youth player, I think getting consistent goalkeeper coaching can be difficult. Often times, club goalkeeper coaches are coaching a group of 10-15 goalkeepers and cannot give each goalkeeper a lot of individual feedback. When I went to Dynasty, the ratio of coaches to players gives each player plenty of individual coaching. The other huge thing I benefitted from as a youth player was the lecture time. I had not been exposed to a lot of the nutrition and college information when I attended camp at the age of 14. I also felt that the mentality and tactics lectures led me to start thinking about the game differently. Also, at camp, there were always older goalkeepers that stretched me, some of whom were already playing in college. Listening to the college goalkeepers’ experiences as well as the lectures definitely made me more prepared for the jump to college.

What makes Dynasty different than other college camps and ODP?

Dynasty is unique because the goal is to help you improve as a player and as a person. The detailed feedback you receive is unlike any other camp. College camps and ODP camps are mainly designed to evaluate players versus player development. College coaches are looking to see if you can play at their school and at ODP, coaches are evaluating to see if you can play at the next level (Regional Team and youth National Team). In addition at college camps you typically find a wide array of abilities, which can be frustrating for the more experienced goalkeeper, many campers are there just for a fun experience over the summer. Certainly you will receive feedback from the coaches at college and ODP camps, but with so many players in camp, it is impossible to offer the same level of detail and individual attention. At Dynasty, you will consistently find 12 elite goalkeepers all looking to improve with a group of 3 (and sometimes more)coaches excited and committed to helping you be the best player you can be.